Bee and PuppyCat – Watercolour Painting

Hey guys,

I did a watercolour painting last Monday that I wanted to paint for sooo long. It is a motif from the animated series “Bee and PuppyCat”. The series has only four episodes, but I love it so much! My favourite scene is where Bee and PuppyCat are underwater in a dream by Bee. Therefore, I painted it. I call the painting “Underwater Dream”.

Besides watercolour, I used coloured pencils to redraw the lines to make them clear. I noticed that I have difficulties to colour a large area evenly, though. I don’t now how to prevent stains. Maybe I have to make the paper wet beforehand. I am open for your advice.

"Underwater Dream"

“Underwater Dream”

Closeups (click for larger images)


One thought on “Bee and PuppyCat – Watercolour Painting

  1. Sissh says:

    In my opinion the background area turned out well for this painting – it really has that underwater feel. But I read somewhere that using a bigger brush makes it a lot easier for larger areas. Wetting the area works but you’d have to work faster I think… Anyway Great job on this it looks pretty cool! ^-^

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