Flame Princess in Art Nouveau style

Hey guys,

I love Adventure Time and Art Nouveau style, so I combined them and painted the following watercolour painting in the last couple of days. I chose my favourite character, the Flame Princess, for the painting, but I want to make more of these paintings with other Adventure Time characters.

As I said, I used watercolour, but I also used coloured pencils to redraw the lines, like I did in my last watercolour painting. I really like the effect. The painting was quite a challenge for me because it is more detailed than my other paintings and contains motifs that I have not painted so often like the fire lilies. I kind of messed up the hands and my pencils sketch shines through in some areas, what makes the painting appear “dirty” but I think the painting came out quite well, and I am happy with it. I should practice painting hands and draw the sketch with a matching coloured pencil, though.



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