Hello everyone,

I haven’t blogged much lately. On the one hand, I did not paint or draw much; on the other hand, I do not know how to run such a blog and English is not my native language. I feel a bit uncomfortable writing in English, but I want to do my best. I hope I can improve the quality of this blog.

I want to write more on this blog in the future. I’ll start with informing you, that I can’t make and upload videos to my YouTube vlog in the next time, because I reseted my computer a few weeks ago and I can’t install my video editing programm again, because I can’t find it on my external hard drive… I think I have to get a new programm soon.

My current status at ILS (where I do the art course):
I skipped workbook four and I’m working with workook five now. The book is about colour theory. My grades for sketchbook one to three where: 1, 1.3 and 1.3

Also important news: I’m going to include a section especially for Zentangle on this blog soon.

I think this was everything. I hope that I’ll write soon again.

Lots of Love,
Fabienne ♥


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