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Small Watercolour Art Supply HAUL

Hey guys,

I went shopping to “idee. der creativmarkt” today again. I bought a few things to improve my watercolour painting skills. I bought a watercolour beginner book called: “Basiswissen Aquarellmaleri” (Watercolour painting basics) by Brigitte Pohle, Monika Reiter and Irmgard Schmedding. I also bought a small block with watercolour paper from Canson (my first real watercolour paper), three flat brushes by Rico Design GmbH and masking tape.

I want to learn to paint watercolour landscapes and still lifes and I’m ready to start right now. I’ll tell you later how it went. 😀


Mix’n Match Challenge Result

Hey guys, 🙂

I just came back from my vacations and saw the Mix’n Match Challenge Result by Jazza. Unfortunately, I did not win anything. 😀
But my entry appeared in the entries video:

One thing that bothers me is that I saw an image someone else made in the “Winner and Showcase” video by Jazza that has kind of the same concept as mine. Here is a link to it:
The professor in the foreground, painting on an altar and on the left a maze in the background… I don’t know but I see very many similarities, but I will not write anything to the person or Jazza or so, because I feel like I am not better, because I took a character and an environment from Adventure Time… I don’t know how I should feel about it, though.


Schmincke Watercolour Palette Unboxing & Test

Hey guys,

I bought a new watercolour palette by the brand Schmincke yesterday. I’m in love with these colours. They are so vibrant and beautiful and smooth… ♥

I recorded a video where I unbox the palette and test the colours. You can watch it here:

What watercolour palettes are you using? Leave a comment below. ♥


Small Art Supply HAUL

Hey guys,

I went to a local art supply store today, called “idee. der creativmarkt” wich means “Idea Creative Market” and I bought a few things that I want to show you.
I bought two new brushes from the brand Rico Design. They are synthetic watercolour brushes and are in the middle price range I think. I chose them because I already have three brushes from that brand, wich I bought as a set and wanted to expand my repertoire by two brush sizes.
I also bought a water brush from the brand KOI. I have seen the Pental water brush in YouTube videos very often and wanted to have something like this. I am very curious how I can cope with it.
Lastly, I bought a mixing palette for my watercolours.

I am very happy about my new art supplies and I look forward to trying them.