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Demonic Woman Watercolour Painting

Hey guys,

I bought new, larger watercolor paper lately and decided to do something new. I wanted to paint a person, wich I haven’t done for a long time. I like how it turned out and want to improve my skills on painting people. I am going to paint more of these eccentric (I don’t know the right word 😀 ) women on the next 11 papers, therefore. So stay tuned. 🙂


12 Landscape Watercolour Paintings

Hey guys,
I painted another eleven watercolour paintings since my last blog entry. All of them on the small watercolour papers I bought recently. I had a lot of fun with it and really came out of my comfort zone. I think I improved a lot.
I watched and followed YouTube tutorials for some of the painting. I used photos as references for the other ones. Unfortunately, I can not show you all of my paintings because I used photos that I found on Pinterest as references for three of my paintings without knowing the photographer. I found one photographer afterwards and he didn’t give me the permission to upload my painting on my blog. I couldn’t find the other two but if you are one of them and you don’t want my painting to be published, please contact me.
I got the other reference photos luckily from a website where it is allowed to use the photos.






Couldn’t find the photographer. Photo




Couldn’t find the photographer. Photo



Not allowed to upload the painting. Photo



Photo by Valentin Sabau. Photo



From YouTube Tutorial: Beginners Watercolor : How to Draw A House Landscape | Episode-3




From YouTube Tutorial: Step by step watercolor tutorial: Cherry Blossom and Mount Fuji




Photo by Clas-Heinrich Carstens. Photo




Photo by me.




Photo by “27707”. Photo




Photo by “Unsplash”. Photo


Simple Monochromatic Watercolour Landscape

Hey guys,

I promised that I’ll inform you about my watercolour progress in my last article. I painted an easy watercolour landscape with this awesome YouTube tutorial: How to paint a simple landscape in watercolor

I think it came out pretty well and I’m motivated to paint more of them. I photographed every step from the beginning to the finished painting for you. I hope you like it. 🙂 The GIF was created with this website:


Finished painting


(Sorry for bad photo quality…)

Gothorita in Art Nouveau style

Hey guys,

I painted the next Art Nouveau Pokemon painting yesterday. I painted Gothorita and Gothita and tried to make them look like shiny Pokémon, but that was kind of difficult because the colour difference between shiny and normal Pokèmon is not that large.

I used my new Schmincke watercolours and I still love them so much. I wanted to make a galaxy-like background, but I think I used too many different colours. It looks kind of messy.
I also made veeeery many mistakes in this painting. I don’t know why, but it was really hard for me to paint this, but surprisingly I had so much fun with it.

I really like it in the end, though. I recorded the painting process again, but I have to work at the video now. I’ll put the link here later.


Lilligant in Art Nouveau style

Hey guys,

I began a series of paintings where I am going to draw the shiny version of female looking Pokémon in Art Nouveau style. I started with Lilligant and want to paint Guardevoir, Gothorita, Meloetta and Lopunny too. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section, I am maybe going to include this Pokémon also.

I designed the Art Nouveau background on my computer this time. This was very helpful. The painting was made with watercolour again, but I used a fineliner instead of coloured pencils.

I also made a speed paint video. You can watch it here:


Mix’n Match Challenge Participation

Hey guys,

There is one famous YouTube artist, his name is Jazza, who makes monthly challenges for his subscribers. I really like the idea to challenge myself with a drawing that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Therefore, I decided to participate this month. I really struggled because I thought I couldn’t do that, but I finished my painting today and handed it in.

The name of the challenge is Mix’n Match. One had to pick one character and one environment out of three random generated characters and environments and to make a painting of it. Here is a link to the videos with the challenge, rules, prices and so on:

I chose the “hairy professor that loves to draw who’s wielding fire” and “a giant maze that is extremely windy and features a demonic altar”. I did a mashup with Adventure Time because I love it so much. I don’t know if that is allowed… I hope so. I didn’t copy the whole maze exactly, though.

I had to take WIP pictures to prove that the painting was made by me. I’ll put them below. I’m sorry for the bad quality of them… I hope you like the finished painting. It was a great experience for me to participate in this challenge and I had much fun. Here is a link to the Newgrounds website, where I uploaded the picture for participation:


Beloved and hated Crown

WIP pictures

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