Birthday HAUL

Hi everyone 😊
I mentioned in my last blog entry that it was my birthday recently (October 17th). I got many new art supplies, which I want to show you now. 😊

I got some different Gouache colours by Schmincke, Polychromos coloured pencils by Faber Castell, liquid mask and white ink. 

I haven’t tried all of the materials yet, but I love the Polychromos pens so much! 😍 I hope I can try out the Gouache paint soon too.



Inktober 2017 Week Two

Hi everyone 😊
I’m a bit late with this blog entry (and with Inktober in general). I went to Berlin for a few days and wasn’t really motivated to draw afterwards. I still have to catch up (I’m at day 16 of Inktober 😁).
I hope I can catch up and draw 31 Zentangle drawings for Intkober.

My drawing doesn’t look like autumn or Halloween anymore, but I like them anyway. Yesterday was my birthday and I got many new art supplies (I’ll show them to you soon). I’m really excited to draw and paint with them.

How is your Inktober going? 😘

Inktober Day 8 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 8

Inktober Day 9 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 9

Inktober Day 10 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 10

Inktober Day 11 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg
Inktober Day 12 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg
Inktober Day 13 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 13

Inktober Day 14 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 14

Inktober 2017 Week 1

Hi everyone 😊

The first week of Inktober went by fairly quickly. I drew a lot of small and cute Zentangle drawings. Each one was inspired by autumn or Halloween. Additionally, I drew a Zentangle tile mosaic. It was my first time drawing something like this. I like it very much. You can see all of my drawings below.
I’m still sorry for the photo quality. I don’t know very much about taking photos and how to set up the light. I still have to learn.

Inktober Day 1 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 1


Inktober Day 2 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 2


Inktober Day 3 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Tag 3


Inktober Day 4 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 4


Inktober Day 5 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 5


Inktober Day 6 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 6


Inktober Day 7 Zentangle by Fabienne Blumberg

Day 7


Inktober 2017

Hello everyone 😊

Inktober 2017 just started and I’m participating again. I want to draw autumn inspired Zentangle or ZIA on Zentangle tiles every day.
I’m going to give you weekly updates and I want to make speed drawing videos too. I’ll upload them when Inktober is over. 🍁
You can see my first drawing below. The rest will come soon.

Happy Inktober! 😊

My first pattern

Hi everyone 😊

I created my first own pattern recently. The name of the pattern is Burtz. You can use it for Zentangle, Zentangle Inspired Art or just for doodling. I have also sent it to I hope it will be included on the page.
Feel free to use and share it. Please reference me, if you share it on Pinterest or other similar platforms.
The template where I drew my pattern onto is also byΒ

Zentangle Pattern Burtz by Fabienne Blumberg

Correspondence Course Assignment 6

Hi everyone ❀️

I just got my 6th correspondence course assignment back with my grade. The 6th workbook was about drawing flowers and plants. I had to draw a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flower with soft pastels and a flower with ink and watercolours at the end of the course. You canΒ see my drawings below.
My grade was pretty good again. I got a 1.3 again. I am very happy with this grade. I have finished 33% of my correspondence course yetΒ and I am still well in time.
My next workbook is about different painting materials like oils and gouache. I am very excited for that, but I have to get the materials first.

Flower Drawing by Fabienne Blumberg

Rose Drawing by Fabienne Blumberg