Correspondence Course Assignment 5

Hi everyone 🙂

I had finished workbook five of my correspondence course and had sent my finished drawing/painting to them. The workbook was about colours and I had to draw two apples (one red and one green) at the end.
I got the drawing/painting back yesterday with my grade.
I got a 1.3 and the criticism was that I should paint more translucent with my watercolours. I’ll now start with workbook six, which is about plants and flowers.


Watercolour Apples by Fabienne Blumberg

Sketchbook Page 23

Hi everyone 🙂
I guess I can write something about my Zentangle inspired sketchbook pages, when I’m sharing them with you, so I’ll do that now.

I had some problems with this sketchbook page. I wanted to draw a leaf of a Monstera Deliciosa with Zentangle patterns inside, but shortly after I started, I began to not like it. 😀
My first thought was: The pattern doesn’t match the leaf. I wanted to rip the page off, but I didn’t. I wanted to continue and see what happens.

I liked the drawing after I finished the patterns. I wanted to add the colour next and used my watercolour pens.
After a few seconds, I realized that the green was too dark and one can’t see the pattern anymore (it seems lighter on the foto though).
I was frustrated and just scribbled the colour all over the leaf. I hated the drawing. 😀
I hated this page so much, but I didn’t want to rip it out so I used water to activate the watercolour. I think it looked much better after that.
In the end, I am happy with the outcome, even though I think I could have done this better. 😀


Before activating the watercolour

Zentangle sketchbook page by Fabienne Blumberg

After activating the watercolour

Inktober 2016 Week Four

Hey guys,
My Inktober 2016 ended in week four. I made three Inktober drawings, but I added so much watercolour and acryl paint to one of them, I cannot call it an Inktober drawing anymore. 😀 After that, I didn’t really want to draw with ink anymore… Maybe it will be easier for me next year. Here are my last three Inktober drawings of 2016:

Day 22


Day 23


Day 24


Inktober 2016 Week One

Heys guys,

Some of you, who follow me on Instagram, already know this, but I wanted to blog about it too. I  participated in Inktober this year. The first week has already passed by and I wanted to show you all of the drawings I have made. I hope I’ll stay tuned and keep drawing an ink drawing for Inktober every day.

Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 7


Demonic Woman Watercolour Painting

Hey guys,

I bought new, larger watercolor paper lately and decided to do something new. I wanted to paint a person, wich I haven’t done for a long time. I like how it turned out and want to improve my skills on painting people. I am going to paint more of these eccentric (I don’t know the right word 😀 ) women on the next 11 papers, therefore. So stay tuned. 🙂


12 Landscape Watercolour Paintings

Hey guys,
I painted another eleven watercolour paintings since my last blog entry. All of them on the small watercolour papers I bought recently. I had a lot of fun with it and really came out of my comfort zone. I think I improved a lot.
I watched and followed YouTube tutorials for some of the painting. I used photos as references for the other ones. Unfortunately, I can not show you all of my paintings because I used photos that I found on Pinterest as references for three of my paintings without knowing the photographer. I found one photographer afterwards and he didn’t give me the permission to upload my painting on my blog. I couldn’t find the other two but if you are one of them and you don’t want my painting to be published, please contact me.
I got the other reference photos luckily from a website where it is allowed to use the photos.






Couldn’t find the photographer. Photo




Couldn’t find the photographer. Photo



Not allowed to upload the painting. Photo



Photo by Valentin Sabau. Photo



From YouTube Tutorial: Beginners Watercolor : How to Draw A House Landscape | Episode-3




From YouTube Tutorial: Step by step watercolor tutorial: Cherry Blossom and Mount Fuji




Photo by Clas-Heinrich Carstens. Photo




Photo by me.




Photo by “27707”. Photo




Photo by “Unsplash”. Photo


Simple Monochromatic Watercolour Landscape

Hey guys,

I promised that I’ll inform you about my watercolour progress in my last article. I painted an easy watercolour landscape with this awesome YouTube tutorial: How to paint a simple landscape in watercolor

I think it came out pretty well and I’m motivated to paint more of them. I photographed every step from the beginning to the finished painting for you. I hope you like it. 🙂 The GIF was created with this website:


Finished painting


(Sorry for bad photo quality…)

Gothorita in Art Nouveau style

Hey guys,

I painted the next Art Nouveau Pokemon painting yesterday. I painted Gothorita and Gothita and tried to make them look like shiny Pokémon, but that was kind of difficult because the colour difference between shiny and normal Pokèmon is not that large.

I used my new Schmincke watercolours and I still love them so much. I wanted to make a galaxy-like background, but I think I used too many different colours. It looks kind of messy.
I also made veeeery many mistakes in this painting. I don’t know why, but it was really hard for me to paint this, but surprisingly I had so much fun with it.

I really like it in the end, though. I recorded the painting process again, but I have to work at the video now. I’ll put the link here later.