Correspondence Course Assignment 6

Hi everyone ❤️

I just got my 6th correspondence course assignment back with my grade. The 6th workbook was about drawing flowers and plants. I had to draw a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flower with soft pastels and a flower with ink and watercolours at the end of the course. You can see my drawings below.
My grade was pretty good again. I got a 1.3 again. I am very happy with this grade. I have finished 33% of my correspondence course yet and I am still well in time.
My next workbook is about different painting materials like oils and gouache. I am very excited for that, but I have to get the materials first.

Flower Drawing by Fabienne Blumberg

Rose Drawing by Fabienne Blumberg

Page 25 {Zentangle Inspired Sketchbook}

Hi everyone 😊

I finished the next page in my Sketchbook. I drew some very basic and easy patterns because I wasn’t really motivated to draw and I thought that I couldn’t draw something beautiful because I had an art block.
I don’t know if it’s gone now, but I definitely feel better and I want to draw more.
I decided to add the colours very spontaneous at the end of the drawing. I used my Schmincke watercolours. I just used some colours that were already mixed on my palette. I like the page very much. I have painted a background for the next page already with the same colours.
I also recorded the drawing process so I’ll upload a video soon. 😊
Btw sorry for the bad foto quality… I’ll pay more attention to it in the future.

Zentangle sketchbook page by Fabienne Blumberg


Correspondence Course Assignment 5

Hi everyone 🙂

I had finished workbook five of my correspondence course and had sent my finished drawing/painting to them. The workbook was about colours and I had to draw two apples (one red and one green) at the end.
I got the drawing/painting back yesterday with my grade.
I got a 1.3 and the criticism was that I should paint more translucent with my watercolours. I’ll now start with workbook six, which is about plants and flowers.


Watercolour Apples by Fabienne Blumberg

Sketchbook Page 23

Hi everyone 🙂
I guess I can write something about my Zentangle inspired sketchbook pages, when I’m sharing them with you, so I’ll do that now.

I had some problems with this sketchbook page. I wanted to draw a leaf of a Monstera Deliciosa with Zentangle patterns inside, but shortly after I started, I began to not like it. 😀
My first thought was: The pattern doesn’t match the leaf. I wanted to rip the page off, but I didn’t. I wanted to continue and see what happens.

I liked the drawing after I finished the patterns. I wanted to add the colour next and used my watercolour pens.
After a few seconds, I realized that the green was too dark and one can’t see the pattern anymore (it seems lighter on the foto though).
I was frustrated and just scribbled the colour all over the leaf. I hated the drawing. 😀
I hated this page so much, but I didn’t want to rip it out so I used water to activate the watercolour. I think it looked much better after that.
In the end, I am happy with the outcome, even though I think I could have done this better. 😀


Before activating the watercolour

Zentangle sketchbook page by Fabienne Blumberg

After activating the watercolour

Inktober 2016 Week Four

Hey guys,
My Inktober 2016 ended in week four. I made three Inktober drawings, but I added so much watercolour and acryl paint to one of them, I cannot call it an Inktober drawing anymore. 😀 After that, I didn’t really want to draw with ink anymore… Maybe it will be easier for me next year. Here are my last three Inktober drawings of 2016:

Day 22


Day 23


Day 24


Inktober 2016 Week One

Heys guys,

Some of you, who follow me on Instagram, already know this, but I wanted to blog about it too. I  participated in Inktober this year. The first week has already passed by and I wanted to show you all of the drawings I have made. I hope I’ll stay tuned and keep drawing an ink drawing for Inktober every day.

Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 7